Yokomo Factory Team Transmitter Bag 2021

Yokomo Factory Team Transmitter Bag 2021


A cushioned radio bag that protects your precious radio from impact when moving to an RC circuit. The interior and exterior are made of tear-resistant nylon, and a shock absorber is inserted on the entire surface to shut out external shocks. The interior is a simple single compartment with one inner pocket, but it has a large capacity even if you put in a large transmitter. Peripheral devices such as chargers and spare parts can also be stored, and can be used for various purposes.


There are two strap guides, and you can change the style by changing the mounting position! It can be used as a hand-carry, one-shoulder bag, or even as a hands-free shoulder bag with a diagonal cliff, and demonstrates outstanding mobility when moving.


The Yokomo logo is arranged on both sides and the front, and the atmosphere is perfect. It is a very utility propo bag that is easy to use at a reasonable price.