Power HD S15 - Silver LOW PROFILE HV Brushless Servo
  • Power HD S15 - Silver LOW PROFILE HV Brushless Servo


    This Digital Brushless Low Profile Servo from Power HD with the name “S15” is one of the most valuable servos on the market right now. It has all you need to drive your racecar to the win. The full machined aluminum case makes it very durable and the torque and speed of this servo is really outstanding. For the design of different cars you can choose the S15 with silver, golden or red color accents to look even better in your car! Check out the features of the S15 to see what it`s all about!

    • Technical Specs


      • Torque(6.0V): 11.5 kg-cm

      • Torque(7.4V): 15.0 kg-cm

      • Speed: 0.072 sec (6.0V) ¦ 0.060 sec (7.4V)

      • Operating Voltage:6.0 ~ 8.4 DC Volts

      • Weight: 52.0 g

      • Bearing Type:Ball

      • Bearing x 2

      • Motor Type:Digital Brushless Motor

      • Gear Type:Titan & Aluminum

      • Size:41.0 x 20.0 x 26 mm

      • Receiver wire: 80mm length, black, JR Connector

      • Servohorn: 25 teeth (not included)