Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 3 Black
  • Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 3 Black

    • Added some build-in gauge, Body pin stay compartment (Help to measure the length and diameter of screw, Body pin compartment`s opposite side have magnetic  ) 
    • Various connector size's holes is help to easy and safe working. (2mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm)
    • When you assemble or maintenance your car, to find it easy and fast screw size.
    • After driving, Place the body pin on the tray.

      (Magnet is Located at opposite side of Bodypin compartment.)

      Don`t lose your body pin anymore.

    • Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 3 has smart phone compartment (height : 10mm, width : 10m)

      You can put your iphone at smartphone section (with jelly case) or similar size smartphones.

    • The holder's center has smartphone home button hole.

    •  Backside of "Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 3" have Muchmore Racing Original Logo..

    •  4 rubber mount included.